Slide Background
25 Year Plan of
China Cooperation
Mobaderan Toseh Tejarat Giti

In line with the 25-year joint cooperation plan between Iran and China, the company provides the following services to traders:


Search for the best sources of goods in Iran and China

• Selected product is compatible with the laws and regulations of Iran & China.
• Desired product has acceptable quality and necessary standards.
• Supplier price is justifiable at the time of price evaluation for similar goods.
• The buyer must receive sufficient information from the seller or supplier of the goods.
• Ensure the legitimacy of the supplier.
• Purchased product must be in perfect health and have a replacement guarantee in case of damage.
• The product must be a combination of the best design solutions and quality raw materials.

Financial services

Financial services from Iran and China to all over the world

Advice on transferring money from China to Iran
• Advice on transferring money from Iran to China
• Introducing the intermediary company to sign a contract and receive money
• Manage funds and transfer them to other countries, including the United Arab Emirates
• Calculate the cost of goods

Popular products

Offering popular products to Iranian and Chinese merchants

• Introducing popular products purchased in recent months from China to Iran
• Introducing popular products purchased in recent months from Iran to China
• Major Iranian export products
• Major Chinese export products

Shipping and inspection

Transportation of goods to Iran and China along with the provision of goods inspection services

• Shipping goods from China to all over the world
• Transportation of goods from Iran to all parts of the world
• Goods inspection services
• Air-land-sea transport
• Consulting and forecasting the delivery time
• Providing customs services

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